Our Approach


Why you should hire us is a question all DJ’s should be asking themselves. I look at other DJ rates, and what you get charged for with extras is ridiculous.


I see many, matter of fact most DJs’ charging you more and more for lighting and fog machines. WHY? Because most times the customer thinks that up-lighting is a time-consuming task, when in fact the DJ basically flips a switch and sets the light on the floor. And you get charged for it. Most times it’s an additional $100.00. Fog machines are plugged in and pointed. Dry ice machines to need dry ice and you would get charged for the ice. But as for working the machine? It gets turned on and pointed at the dance floor. Why get charged $250.00 for that?


I look and see how brides deal with DJs not playing the songs they ask for, or even having the excuse they don’t have internet with them. Every DJ should have some source of internet to get that last-minute song needed to make that day just right. Plus, a true DJ will have had made a set list for you to approve, limiting any missing songs.


As a DJ you are setting up for a show. You are setting up for the next wedding. And MOSTLY you are setting up for a special day that happens ONCE. Every DJ should bring the whole show as if they are putting on a performance. The amount of lights and equipment should not be limited by economics.


So, in a nut shell I don’t do all that. I bring everything I have for the Occasion. I WANT the bride to be more than happy.


Contact Miller Productions Inc and let us reassure you that the DJ will be the least of your worries.


I have that song, Every time.!.

Our Story

Miller Productions Inc. is a family business consisting of Aaron Miller, the owner along with a few trusted Djs  .
Aaron Miller is a former radio Dj of over Five years.

Being a Radio Personality gave Miller Productions what it needs to stand out from all the rest. From years of talking with no script and on the fly with minutes notice to chose words, Aaron has built up his skills with being articulate and personable at any level.

The amount of music and public speaking experience is tremendous compared to most others.
Aaron is also an accomplished musician playing in many local bands throughout his 30 years playing guitar and bass.
Its a passion for us to be creative and to make people happy with the things we love to do.

We are an exciting family that loves to laugh and smile. We are courteous and proper, with manors of the highest quality.
We hope you let us take care of all the Audio needs and in the future your Photography needs.Humbleness and kindness is also another thing that brings out the Quality in Miller Productions.

If You have any questions, please dont hesitate to CONTACT US.!!

Meet the Team

Every day is about Music at Miller Pro DJ. We are making sure we are on top on the newest music by listening to music all day long. We produce music beats and songs on our down time. Music is Miller Pros Life. Its what we do!

Aaron Miller


Aaron Miller has years of DJing work under his belt with over 300 weddings and parties. With over five years being a radio personality you can count on a well versed MC. Aaron had introduced many major bands to the stage, including: Silvertide, Gwar, Molly Hatchet, Cheap Trick and many others. With being a radio personality and DJ, Aaron has been to many venues and has done over 100 live remotes.

Aaron is also an accomplished photographer , shooting photos for art.

You can count on top notch professionalism every time you deal with Miller Productions

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